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The Proteus Academy of Magic: Chapter 1

The magnificent landscape that resembled a castle was the highlight of the small town, silver-plated coat of arms hanging above the entrance gate. 
This was the school grounds of the Proteus Academy of Magic, a relatively new mage school. What it offered was specialized education in the shapeshifting arts - headed by the best talents of transformation a student could want.
"Shapeshifting is an art that isn't pursued often in this day and age," said Ms. Marianne, 1st year teacher at the academy, "and we hope to offer a place where interested students can keep this unique branch of magic alive and well. It may be one of the more complicated schools of magic, but we believe it has useful potential and has a place in today's magic culture."
The curriculum at the academy was one that followed most other magecraft schools, with basics in most of the essentials. In its core focus however was emphasis on shapeshifting, which was not offered in many other scho
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The Proteus Academy of Magic: Prologue

It was tradition amongst the community for a child to, when turning 7 years of age, to hold a little magic show; a showcase of skills, if you will. Generally, the child will have the opportunity to perform a few simple parlour tricks, and it’s generally just a simple and fun activity. The family is there to watch, of course, as is the child’s friends, just like a party.
Heather Arelle was the child in question on this fine day, and she was a bright young lass. Her parents were amused by her activeness, watching her excitedly prepare her setup in the living room. She had spent all night the previous night, excitedly planning her routine for the next day. Card tricks, little fire and light magic shows; and she wanted to go for the most traditional of magic tricks, the rabbit from the hat. The portal spell in the hat was a common one, but as much as her parents suggested something flashier, she insisted. 
The rabbit in question was sitting in
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Nightmare at the Sleepover
Rachel Higgins chuckled to herself, stretching out in anticipation of yet another successful slumber party. Well, sleepover. There needed to be more adult terms for a group of collegiates spending the night getting royally wasted on fine foreign alcohols.
The whole gang was downstairs: Tabitha, Polly, and even Belle. Right now, all they were waiting for Rachel to get back to the common room with her secret stash of alcohol.
"Let's see... A bottle of the African, one of the Dutch... Not the Swedish, that's for me on a rainy day... Yeah, two's probably enough." The blonde said to herself, a bottle in each hand as she stepped out from her bedroom with a grin.
"Alright, who's ready to get..." She paused, blinking in mild surprise at the fact that there didn't seem to be anyone in the common area. "Wasted?" Rachel asked curiously, turning towards Belle's room to jump in surprise at how close her housemate was to her.
"Jesus, you scared me!" Rachel laughed, though her mirth soon faded at her
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Mature content
From Pet Play to Pet's Plaything :iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 103 3
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Checkout Ass :iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 31 3
For all of her life, cos(x) wanted to be known as more than just a cosine; than a standard function. She’d seen her friends and family accept that, solving trigonometric equations mostly, with some occasional dabbling in the realm of fields.
It was like they were stooping to the level of the sines, the basic and bland functions which were a black mark upon functional society as a whole. They were all so boring; so mundane, and her fellow cosines seemed content in wallowing amidst the filth.
None of that was for her; she wanted to shoot for the stars. She wanted to be used in the realm of engineering; of Fourier analysis. The young function dreamed of it day and night, eagerly awaiting the time in which she would be called upon.
Then she’d found it: her chance to be derivative. It was a textbook on Simple Harmonic Motion, a thick manuscript in desperate needing of her help. She’d signed on immediately of course, gaining a derivative notation with pride.
Her family had
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Mature content
Tropicandy :iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 47 4
Misc Eagle TF
Elise allowed a smile to pass across her face as she let the empty vial fall from her fingers. It was finally time, time to embrace her inner animal and cast off her humanity for the next twenty-four hours.
The world around her seemed to grow as the magical potion took hold of her body, and she slowly exhaled to calm herself, stilling her racing heart. Her pulse picked up again a second later as her skin crawled, and the brunette looked down with an eager smile to her arms.
Sure enough, her skin looked bumpy; uneven. It was as though she was made of an impure clay that was getting rougher and rougher by the second. Too rough for fur; too flared to be scales. Just what was she becoming?
Her answer came soon as the mottled bumps formed lifted out from her skin, sharpening into quills that soon grew tufts of soft down. Feathers! Her smile broadened on her face, and she played her fingers along her arms.
A gentle coo escaped her lips as her fingers began to fuse together, conjoined to give
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Mercy Dragoness TF
Resplendent in a pearlescent white suit of armor, Angela "Mercy" Ziegler soared above the battlefield. Mechanical wings had deployed themselves from her back, trailing glimmering contrails of gold which matched her neatly tied hair.
"I need healing!" A familiar voice called, that of the youngest Shimada. A smile flitted across Mercy's face as she bore down upon the cybernetic man, extending her caduceus staff towards him and bathing him in a stream of light.
This was where she was meant to be; helping her friends and keeping them from harm. This was her calling; her passion. The dings on her patient's armor worked themselves out, and he dashed back towards the fray with nary a thanks.
Such was the life of a healer, and Mercy wiped her brow with a gentle chuckle. Hard work was its own reward.
"Ryu ga waga teki wo kurau!" Screamed a man to her left, and the doctor turned to find an arrow mid-flight towards her chest.
Stupid. She was careless, and was about to suffer the consequences of h
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The Plague Hive :iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 34 6
Mature content
Oversharing :iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 28 3
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The Dragoness Exalt :iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 72 17
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The Ex Dreams - Labrador Retriever :iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 26 11
Greg Wants To Swim
Danica looked down to the young boy, a frown on her face. "Okay, so here's the deal, kid. I don't have any pool toys for you; and I'm not going to get you one, no matter what!" She crossed her tanned arms and looked to Greg, immediately regretting taking this babysitting gig.
"I don't think I like that." The boy spoke slowly, looking up to the brunette with a sparkle in his eyes that she couldn't recognize.
"Yeah, well tough luck. You don't always get what you want." The girl glared down to him, pointing to his room. "Why don't you go and play with some of the toys in your room; you've certainly got enough of the things."
Danica wasn't sure 'toys' was the right thing to call the trinkets that littered the floor of the youth's bedroom. Some of them were the typical sort of plush that she'd expected to find, but there were other things that set her nerves on edge, like a glass bug she'd made every effort to steer clear of.
"I don't think I like you calling them 'things', either." Greg sp
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Mature content
The Sculptor :iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 23 3
The Mascots
Doctor Tableau looked down to her tablet with a wry grin; then back up to the models, all of whom were fidgeting anxiously in their TransTubes. Her subjects for the day were Elayne, Laura, and Advika; three women who were hired by Target; Toys R Us; and Walmart, respectively.
"I trust you know why you're here?" She asked them, looking up to the group idly. A chorus of slow nods greeted her, and the brunette smirked, glancing down to her tablet. "Well, since you seem to be unsure, allow me to explain. The three of you have been hired to provide these three major stores with mascots for their holiday season."
Laura put her right hand on her hip, looking to the large glass tube that surrounded herself with an anxious frown. "So does that mean we'll, like, be wearing costumes?" She wasn't a Harvard scholar, but she was intelligent enough to reason that this tube would somehow help them fit her for an outfit.
"Not exactly." Roberto, Doctor Tableau's assistant, called from the back of the ro
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That's right, I'm back at the birthplace of aviation! I've driven across the entire US, furnished an apartment room, and have started to settle into an adult life! ... I'm totally not ready to be an adult yet. XD

Either way, I'm looking for work at the moment, but it's pretty slow. Probably should have gotten that internship before getting a Bachelor's Degree in engineering, but oh well! Living and learning, right? In the meanwhile, I'll still be writing! Though I do have to catch up on some Patreon work, I certainly haven't forgotten you all at DA! In fact, have a dragoness TF themed after my current addiction, Overwatch!

Also, don't get Overwatch. I'm serious, this game is addicting as hell if you like shooters, and there's loot box system which only fuels the addictive personalities of people like me. Worse yet, some of the unlockables can only be earned during seasons, and this one's almost over. Then again, if you start now, you'll basically get 20 loot boxes for free because you'll level so quickly... But no! Bad Sketchy, I should keep you all from getting hooked on a game! ... But if you do have it on the PC, I go by SketchyGamer. ^^ Feel free to say hi to me if you ever run across me, and don't be too harsh on my playing ;_;

But in any case, it's nice to have moved safely, and I hope you're all doing great!


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United States
Well, what can I say? I like writing and drawing transformation-related pieces. Even though life doesn't always give me an abundance of time, I still enjoy the pursuit of change. I've always loved transformation, and it's great to be contributing to the community--I'm just sorry it's taken so long.

Of course, I love getting paid almost as much as I like TF, so I'm open for commissions... But I also like making people happy, so if you'd rather see a story out of me, I'm up for requests too--though there's a bit of a request backlog that I need to get through.

Other than that, I dunno... Hi? Thanks for looking at my profile! ^_^


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